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“Download eAadhar Card From” - a new scheme introduced by Indian Government. This is a busy going life for people. Every individual are time oriented and involve themselves in various activities. In this situation one cannot allot time for collecting the aadhar card directly from office. In order to bring a solution to this problem government have provided an option to download eAadhar Card from the website This favoured the individuals in collecting the aadhar card. This is scheme which has been introduced by government to favour the mankind and one should know this provision about how to download Aadhar Card from

Moreover, when there was no provision of getting eAadhar Card from the government delivered through courier services. This kind of service was quite problematic that is it was found that many of the couriers were returned back stating that the individual is not available at home. Hence option to download Aadhar Card from was helpful to both common man and the government, since it saved small proportion of money in courier charges. Although it was more advantageous, many illiterates were unaware about the alternative to get eAadhar Card from

Hence every individual should enjoy the benefits provided by the government like to Download Aadhar Card From, for which every individual should know about current affairs and engage himself with this activity. Once if an individual is aware about how to get eAadhar Card from the official website, then it is very simple to obtain his aadhar card. Any layman can fill up the details asked in the site. Hence this process of obtaining aadhar card saves the individual’s time and makes it convenient for him to obtain. Therefore downloading of Aadhar Card from is the best option rather than waiting to receive from courier service.

It is very simple to save eAadhar Card, first one has to enter the site by typing the URL in the browser, and then a page will be obtained for e-Aadhar (electronic-Aadhar). It is the solely designed to obtain Aadhar Card from The details asked forum has to be filled correctly else even if there is small error it might generate error. 

The primary step prior to download Aadhar Card from is to receive the acknowledgement slip (enrolment slip) from respective person after furnishing with required details. Once if he/she has received the acknowledgement slip then details can be easily filled. Information like enrolment number and date time can be filled easily from the acknowledgement slip. The purpose of enrolment number is to verify that exact person has entered. The system will check the matching between enrolment number and date time.

Steps to print eAadhar Card
  •  Enter the Enrolment Number exactly as shown in the Acknowledgement Slip at
  • After entering the verification number or captcha, hit submit to proceed with next page.
  • Here verify the mobile by checking the last three digits. If those digits are incorrect, then hit NO to enter the new mobile number.
  • Soon after entering the One Time Password, it will be taken to final page to download eAadhar Card PDF.
  • Enter the Area Pincode number to open the downloaded eAadhar Card.
Check this Screenshot once:
This information is of utmost important to download Aadhar Card from this is the proof to ensure one has applied for aadhar card. Other information such as resident name and pin code is to assure that the individual of Indian citizen is applying. The next question is asking the user to enter the displayed text which is yet another form of verification.

Hence, in order to get eAadhar Card one has to keep his enrolment slip safely and can download only if aadhar has been generated. Therefore it is simple to download eAadhar Card From provided he/she have applied before and have obtained an enrolment slip.

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