Aadhar Linkage for LPG Subsidy

Aadhar is essential for everyone to prove their identity since this is the only identities which even the infants can hold. The government had made a decision to link Aadhaar card in order to get subsidiary. This is the important announcement made by Government of India. The reason for taking this decision of linking Aadhar Card for getting Subsidiary (like LPG) is to insist on the importance of Aadhar card. Once if the strong rule is imposed then every individual will realise the importance of Aadhar card.

Subsidiaries for LPG are essential for human since one cannot live without food and water. So rule the imposed rule of linking Aadhaar card for getting LPG with normal price would remain stronger. Every hotel, homes need LPG for their survival if there is constraint on method is maintained then it would be mandatory for the individual to hold Aadhar card. Without subsidiaries no one can survive it is a best idea to bring such rules. Having such rules helps the gas agencies to verify the person’s identity easily and also helps the common man to get benefits from such subsidiaries. Hence Aadhar Card Linkage for Subsidiary (like LPG) is a good idea to implement.

Implementation of rule on the linkage of Aadhar Card for Subsidiary had created big fuss among the people because it was found on the survey that many people’s request to Aadhar was queued that is there was a delay in issuing. But once if rule is strengthened then it would be easy for the government to filter out the duplicates and fraud actions. Also this rule on Aadhar Card Linkage for Subsidiary would benefit the common man who does not ration card.

Some places though people had applied for Aadhar card had not received yet hence they suffer a lot without getting subsidiary on LPG and had already created confusions and people had started fear. And many people are yet to receive their Aadhar card because of huge populations. Aadhar Card Linkage for Subsidiary can bring about new revolution on discipline. Once if this process comes into action then no one can buy additional cylinders in name of others hence there would be no chance of duplications in buying cylinders.

Aadhar provides an identity that can be verified across the states hence if there Aadhar Card Linkage for Subsidiary, one can easily purchase LPG gases from anywhere due to its portability. Aadhar card can be linked to many other subsidiaries like milk because huge transactions takes place in milk poultry hence forgeries can be easily identified.

Last date for the linkage of Aadhar card has been extended till September, which was August 31 2013 earlier owing to the reasons like delay in issuing Aadhar card. If Aadhar Card Linkage for Subsidiary comes into action soon then every individual be beneficiary.

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