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The first step about Aadhar card is to approach enrolment center which is equipped for collecting Aadhar card details. Once this is over the second step would be internal processing of Aadhaar card where there would be several stages of processing and Aadhar Card Status changes. As one applies for it he/she would be keen to know about Aadhar Card Status. Because there may be chance for Aadhar not being further processed and one has to keep track of it. Hence there should be a provision for knowing Aadhar Card Status which would facilitate a common man.

As the technology grows, there is an improvement in accessing the information about Aadhar Status. Every time an individual cannot go to government office for knowing his current Aadhar Card Status which would be a waste of time for him. Hence there came an innovation about getting details of aadhar card. The basic assumption of bringing about this idea into play is that everyone in this generation is ought to have internet connection. This is one way through which an individual can access his Aadhar Card Status. Other options for this would be accessing through net centre which is more popular or direct enquiry.
There is a separate department for maintaining the current status of Aadhar Card and experts does a brilliant job on maintaining this information. This requires software for its mechanisms. Getting to know about the Aadhar Card Status through internet is the major advancement from government side. This had helped many business men whose primary investment is time. These people appreciated this and started to view their Aadhar Card Status through internet. This mechanisms gained popularities among the cities where internet connections are more popular.
In order to get to know the details about Aadhar Card Status, one has to go into the desired website which is solely designed for aadhar card at http://resident.uidai.net.in/web/resident/check-aadhaar-status. This website is purely for getting to know about the Aadhar Card Status. Once we enter into this website then one can easily get to know about the status easily by entering very few details which can be answered by any layman. The first question would be getting the 14-digit enrolment ID. Enrolment ID is one which will be provided by the government aided officials as an acknowledgement during the registration. This ID will be used for many purposes and one has to keep this safe. This is the first question that has to be answered by an individual for getting the status of Aadhar Card.

The second step to get Aadhar Card Status is to enter the Date time stamp which will also be provided in the acknowledgement slip. The purpose of this date stamp is double verification that is to ensure that the enrolment ID matches with the date. This is an automatic check performed by the system itself. Once these two steps are over then the next stage is to enter the text displayed for each individual. It is a security type questions for ensuring privacy. This text would be generated randomly by the system each time when the user logs in to get the Aadhar Card Status. If these necessary details are submitted then one can easily view his Aadhar Card Status easily.

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  1. i have downloaded my adhar card in paper but not received the card in post. no.252871261977. can you send it in post


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